Have you heard about chocolate cocoa bombs yet? They are all the rage this holiday season. Cocoa bombs are decorated chocolate balls a little bit smaller than a baseball. The inside is hollow. Each cocoa bomb contains powered cocoa and marshmallows.

A batch of the popular chocolate cocoa bombs from Morgan at Piece of Cake located at 1507 Kaliste Saloom Rd. in Lafayette made their way to me Friday morning while during the CJ and Jenn Morning Show.

Each of us received three cocoa bombs. They are really quite large. I was instructed to boil milk, select a bomb, place it in a large cup or mug then simply pour the hot milk on top. I didn't know what to expect. I did what they told me to do, but I'm not sure things went as they should, in the beginning at least. lol

The word "bomb" appears in the description of these things, so I was under the assumption that they literally exploded. I was expecting a loud bang. But that 100% didn't happen at all. Instead of exploding, my bomb melted. (That's what they're supposed to do. lol) I could not believe how much stuff was inside.

This chocolate delight was amazing. They are fun and delicious. Thank you Morgan for such an awesome treat.

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