In what was an attempt at humor (it made people around our office chuckle), the Youngsville, Louisiana's Police Department's troll on 420ers was met with some resistance.

In the original post (which, at the time of this writing, is trending nationally), the Youngsville Police Department announced a "contest" for whoever thought they had the most marijuana. To measure the weed for the contest, the weed-owners were to visit the listed address, which happens to be the address to the address to the police department.

They have extended the contest until the end of the month!!


The post, which I am assuming was meant as a joke (again, it made me LOL), garnered much criticism towards the Youngsville Police Department and the war on drugs in general.

John Lemoine commented "So how many freedoms did you steal for a plant that has killed no one in the history of the world? (Asking for a friend)"

Some were quite vulgar. Take, for instance, Joshes Decks' post:  "This here is some top flyte security level s**t. Man you guys are really fighting the crime on a new level huh. F***ing cops like you make the good ones look like pieces of s**t to the rest of us too"

Dominic Falgiani, who lives in Ohio, said "You boys need to get a life and focus on real crime, Oops.......maybe that is all you can"

Another jab came from Josh Dixon:  "This is how you know that the war on marajuana (sic) is a joke... Even the police think it's a joke... Whoever made this post should be reprimanded. Drugs are not a joke, people spending countless years months and days away from their families is not a joke... The only real joke here is the people who get up everyday (sic) and arrest someone for personal use of a plant..."

The reality is: our police officers are tasked to enforce existing laws, therefore it is their duty to arrest/cite those in violation of said laws.

If you think that the Youngsville Police Department's post is a "bad joke" because the existing laws have damaged lives, then it is your duty to become active. Do your part to change the laws. Do your part by contacting your representatives to show your support for legalization. Do your part by joining a legalization "interest group" (they do exist). Do. Your. Part.

In the meantime, don't come down on the officers for trying to make a difficult job just a little more enjoyable: the officers know that their jobs require them to arrest people who make dumb decisions. The officers are aware that just one arrest could change someone's life forever. That one arrest could make someone lose their job. That one arrest could make someone lose their family. That one arrest could make someone lose their future.

On the other hand, that one arrest could save someone's life - even the life of the one being arrested.

I support the Youngsville Police Department. I live in Youngsville, and I see them in action daily. Don't get me wrong: the Youngsville Police Department isn't immune to statistics; some officers will be better than others. But, from what I've seen, the chief appears to:  take time to screen when hiring, provide continuing education and training, and manage the department well enough to be able to expand (more officers and resource officers have been requested).

Now, for proper disclosure: I am not a 420er. I have never 420ed. Would I consider it? If it weren't against company policy, and if I were to develop a condition that caused me pain that could be reduced through its use (I understand that its medicinal/pain relieving abilities are great!), probably.

I think that the personal use of a plant (such as marijuana) shouldn't be illegal, but, it is. I think that pot should be treated like alcohol: controlled, sold, taxed, etc., with penalties for those who operate while under the influence, public intoxication, minor in possession etc. But, I don't make the laws and, right now, possession, sale, distribution, use - it's all illegal.

Until you do your part to change the laws, it will remain illegal.

With all of that being said: thanks for the chuckle, Youngsville Police Department, and thank you for doing your job.


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