A Youngsville police officer is saying, through his attorney, that he was threatened via text message by Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux this past weekend according to a report from KLFY.

The Youngsville police officer, Tim Mikhael's attorney, sent the information to Channel 10. The officer's attorney says the text was sent just after midnight Saturday.

In what part of the text message Mikhael's attorney says Boudreaux sent to his client, Boudreaux expresses anger that Mikhael "would be talking **** on me after I work so hard to get you everything you asked for hits to the core."

Boudreaux did not hold back his thoughts and feelings, alleging that Mikhael was talking about the Chieh behind his back and then writing basically that what goes around comes around.

Boudreaux says, "I'm still the Chief and I still make all the decisions. Watch what is coming......It's my turn to make those that turned on me pay for what they have done. You just might be number 1 on list."


Text from Rickey Boudreaux
Photo courtesy of KLFY

The controversy with Chief Boudreaux began after the Advocate when there was a Youngsville councilwoman pulled over by an officer. The now-former councilwoman, Kayla Reaux gave a rambling description to officers of why she ran into a parked car.

The Chief showed up on that scene. Reaux was never given a field sobriety test, never taken into the police department or medical facility for a blood test, and the woman was let go from the scene.

We have done several stories dealing with this story. Click here for another story about this issue. This story deals with how Boudreaux viewed his relationship with the council.

Another post details coverage of alleged ticket fixing.

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