In March members of the Youngsville City Council and Mayor Ken Ritter held a special meeting to discuss Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux after some questions were raised about his behavior after former Councilwoman Kayla Reaux hit a parked car in November 2022.

Here is our coverage of the incident as it began to unfold:

Following media reports on the issue Youngsville Mayor Ritter has this to say:

Youngsville Chief of Police Rickey Boudreaux
Youngsville Chief of Police Rickey Boudreaux

When a story came to light that Boudreaux showed up at the scene that night, the council and Mayor then called a special meeting. At the meeting, Chief Boudreaux said the following,

One thing you the public need to know. I have received text messages from each and every one of them sitting up there asking for special privileges for your family members and special friends. I show you as evidence, the text message I received from Councilman Bolgian on March 2, 2023: 'I don't ever ask you to fix tickets anymore, but this is a good friend who has been helping his wife with her business and with her medical needs.

Councilman Lindy Bolgiano
Photo courtesy of Youngsville

Councilman Lindy Bolgiano told Channel 10 he thinks it's different if he is asking the Chief to do something for someone else than it would be if he asked the Chief to do something for him or his family personally.

At the conclusion of that meeting, council members voted to conduct an investigation into the Chief.

This week Chief Boudreaux filed a lawsuit contending the council and mayor have no legal right to conduct an investigation.

Councilman Matt Romero
City of Youngsville Photo

KLFY says they were able to obtain text messages from Councilman Matt Romero to Chief Boudreaux.

In a text message from 2020, it has been alleged that Councilman Romero asked Chief Boudreaux to fix a ticket. Romero told KLFY that he couldn't confirm that one had been sent in 2020, but he did confirm he sent a text message to the Chief in July 2022. As far as the subject matter of the text, Romero had this to say to us:

Romero says the first text message viewed by KLFY concerning the stop sign, I can not confirm that it is me. I have no messages pertaining to that.

The second text message is about connecting a Youngsville business owner with the Chief per the Chief's request. 

I have never personally asked for any favors for myself or my family. 

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