Youngsville Water System has issued a boil advisory due to low pressure issues caused by a broken water line.

The City of Youngsville has announced a boil advisory due to a broken water line at the Youngsville Water Treatment Plant. As a result, there has been a loss in water pressure levels.

Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter has issued the boil advisory for the following areas -

  • 1st through 5th
  • Railroad 100 - 300 blocks
  • Avenue A
  • Revere St.
  • Avenue B
  • School St.
  • Beacon Dr.
  • Seneca Cr.
  • Beacon Hill Subdivision
  • Shadow Brook
  • Church St.
  • Shadow Brook Subdivision
  • Dartmouth Cr.
  • Thorn St.
  • Eugene Dr.
  • Trenton Dr.
  • Guilliot 100-200 Block
  • Young St.
  • Hulin Rd.
  • Iberia St from School to Young St.
  • Jacque St.
  • Julienne Way
  • Lahasky Dr.
  • Madison Wood Cr.
  • Masonry
  • Parkwood Dr.

The boil advisory is effective immediately and will stay in place until rescinded by the Youngsville Water System.

You should boil water for one minute to properly disinfect it. It is advised to boil any water you plan to consume, use for brushing teeth, making ice with or cooking with.


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