For many residents of southeastern Louisiana life without power or even running water has been the "new normal" since Hurricane Ida roared through that part of the state a little over a month ago. You could say those outages were "unplanned" but at least the utility companies involved in restoring services are making headway.

A lot closer to home in south-central and southwestern Louisiana we will have some utility service interruptions as well. However, it should be nothing compared to the current hardships being experienced by our neighbors to the east.

The first issue you'll want to be made aware of actually will take place today. October 7, 2021, and it involves customers of the Jeff Davis Electric Co-Op. According to reports Jeff Davis Electric Co-Op will interrupt service to several communities beginning at 9 this morning.

The areas affected by this service interruption include Holly Beach, Constance Beach, and Johnson Bayou. The reason for the service interruption is so that repairs can be made at the Johnson Bayou substation. Jeff Davis Electric did not offer a timetable on how long the repairs would take but residents should be prepared to go for at least a few hours without electricity in the affected communities.

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Meanwhile, on the waterside of the service interruption coin, the Town of Welsh in Jeff Davis Parish will interrupt water service to their customers on three different occasions next week.

Residents should expect water service to be shut off between 10 am and 4 pm on Tuesday, October 12th, Wednesday, October 13th, and Thursday, October 14th. There were no specific reasons given for the interruption other than "repairs".

Residents of Welsh should also anticipate a boil water advisory. That's usually standard procedure anytime a municipality has to interrupt their water service for system-wide repairs.

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