I love fresh flowers. Getting flowers on special occasions like birthdays, and Mother's Day is a very special treat. But, having them in my house on the regular would be amazing! I have several friends who ALWAYS have fresh flowers in their house. Every time I visit, I comment on how beautiful the flowers are and how they make me smile. And they always have the same response, which is, "That's why I have them!" I started thinking about it and it's true. You should always have fresh flowers in your home! One simple little thing that doesn't have to cost you more than $5.00 a week could do so much for your well-being!

Photo Credit: Jenn Nelson

Let's talk about all of the positives fresh flowers can do for you:

  • Flowers give a great natural scent. They can replace room deodorizers.
  • Flowers make your room look pretty. They can add a pop of color to complement your furniture. And they come in different shapes and sizes to add dimension and texture to accent your decor.
  • Flowers make you smile. You can't help it. If you look at flowers, even if you don't literally smile on your face, you have an inner smile that naturally comes to mind.
  • Flowers in your home allow you to feel the beauty of nature and outdoors even when it's raining or snowing.
  • Flowers can help to remove harmful toxins from the air so they actually freshen the air.
  • Flowers have aromatherapeutic powers that help maintain a good mood and a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Flowers make your guests feel welcome.
Tracy's Gerber daisies

Think about why we often give flowers to our loved ones when they are sick. We do it to brighten their spirits and make them smile. So why not have that every single day? It doesn't always have to be expensive roses or lilies! You can grab a floral mix at the local grocery store for $4.99 a bundle. Even if it's just a few cheap daisies or handpicked flowers from your garden. It will be my new addition to my everyday life. My treat to myself. Heck, I may even save a few bucks if I buy fresh flowers instead of room sprays, candles, and oils. Plus they're pretty.

It’s amazing what a simple bunch of flowers can do for your home and your well-being.

To me, flowers are happiness. - Stefano Gabbana

photo by Debbie Ray