LaCroix water has become very popular over the last few years but some are claiming there's something very bad in the water.

Lots of us are trying to drink more water as we're constantly told it's good for us. There's lots of flavoring you can add to your water but to me, no flavor beats the fun and bite of carbonation. That's why I've tried LaCroix water. It's not bad but I don't think I like it enough to drink it on a regular basis. One woman won't drink it at all because she claims it's got unnatural chemicals in it, including one used in roach poison.

Lenora Rice is suing National Beverage Corporation, which makes LaCroix. The lawsuit claims that LaCroix contains linalool propionate, a chemical used to treat cancer and linalool, that's also in roach insecticides. Rice is suing the company because LaCroix is advertised as "all natural' despite these chemicals. National Beverage Co. says the lawsuit has no basis in truth and there are some industry analysts who think a competing beverage company is behind it.

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