We now have scientific proof that you look better when other people are around you, yes you!  But why?

I bet you're thinking you look better in a crowd of people when those around you are less attractive, surely that's the key right?  Surround yourself with people who are less attractive than you...not quite.

Not matter how you look, hot or not, you will look better in a group of people than if you're standing alone says the study.  As for why, it's a bit confusing.  It has to do with the way your brain processes images.  You see, when you are in a group setting, your brain blends everyone's appearance.  This creates an "average" effect.  When a person approaches a group of people, your brain will become part of the "average face". 

The study did suggest that making sure you were the better looking in the group, bumps you to the top of that "average face" thing. 

To recap, anyone looks better in a group of people.  And if you are the best looking in the group, you will become "above average" looking.  And in a group of people, according to the study, you look better than you really do. 

Vodka almost always makes everyone look better.  That's not in the study by the way, just personal experience, lol.

[Via:  The Date Report]

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