If COVID-19 has put a crimp in your plans to get out and buy fresh shrimp or fish, you can now have fresh Louisiana seafood delivered right to your front door.

Louisiana Direct Seafood Shop in Delcambre is now delivering fresh crawfish tails, shrimp, fish, crabmeat, and more directly to your front door. What makes it even better is that the seafood is packed by the fishermen who caught it.

The company says the seafood they ship is of unparalleled freshness and quality because in most cases what they catch is frozen and packaged at sea or immediately at the dock.

Beauregarddailynews.net reports delivery takes 1 to 3 days from the time your order and arrives via FedEx.

Louisiana Direct Seafood Shop also preps the seafood they ship, and what you get is "cleaned, filleted, skinned, hand-trimmed, de-boned, de-headed, deveined, and pre-portioned."

You can take a look at everything Louisiana Direct Seafood Shop offers at louisianadirectseafoodshop.com.

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