WWII Private Fred Arsenault is turning 100-year-old March 6, 2020 and all he wants for his birthday is to receive 100 birthday cards. Oh, and Arsenault has a Cajun connection, he's from Canada. Chances are if you are born and bred Cajun, your ancestors descended from Nova Scotia, Canada.  Acadiana, we can do this, let's send tons more than he's asking for.

Arsenault's son Ron wants his father's birthday to be one he will never forget. So during the Super Bowl this past weekend, this spry 99-year-old veteran appeared on Facebook holding a sign asking for folks to mail him 100 birthday cards. Facebook users have been sharing his post like crazy since Sunday.

When Mr. Arsenault was stationed in Italy, he enjoyed reading letters from his now-deceased wife.  His son said, "He always had a thing for mail."

Private Fred Arsenault
Facebook, Ron and Fred Arsenault


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