The WWE did their LIVE television show, Friday Night Smackdown, from the Cajundome and they never referenced Lafayette in the broadcast.

While thousands of WWE fans packed the Cajundome on Friday night, millions around the world tuned in for the show.

Often during their broadcasts, the WWE will mention where the show is LIVE from, the city that is, but never did the lead announcer Micheal Cole mention "Lafayette."

Lane Johnson
Lane Johnson

To be fair, he did mention on a few occasions that the show was LIVE from the Cajundome, but then Cole would follow that up with "In Louisiana."

So why did WWE not mention Lafayette, La in their broadcast? Well, here are two strong reasons why they may have eliminated the name of the city in the broadcast.

Let's start with the least probable reason why WWE eliminated "Lafayette" from the Smackdown broadcast.

The last time WWE was in Lafayette for a Monday Night RAW broadcast the audience at the Cajundome was not into the show. I'll admit it because I was there too.

For that particular show, a lot of new and upcoming entertainers were introduced to the crowd, and those in the Cajundome had no idea who they were.

And I'll say it here, the last RAW show in the Cajudome was boring.

Jared Tori Romero
Jared Tori Romero

So, WWE fans ripped the Lafayette crowd on Twitter for being so quiet and some of WWE's talents even acknowledged it too.

Therefore, perhaps WWE did not want to bring light to the fact that they returned to the same city that many on Twitter said they should "Avoid" in the future.

Secondly, WWE has often ignored the name of the city they're in if it is not a major market. Sure, they'll say that they're LIVE in Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, or New Orleans, but when WWE TV is live from smaller markets they do often leave out the name of the city.

This is done to not minimize the WWE brand. The "suits" in WWE have turned the company into this global machine, thus they always want the WWE brand to be associated with "big names."

So, if you noticed that Lafayette was left out of the broadcast you are not wrong, this was done intentionally for some reason, and producers made sure to let the announcers know to skip the name of the city that is home to the Cajundome.

Here are a few shots of fans enjoying Smackdown at the Cajundome in LAFAYETTE, LA. (See what I there?)

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