A bride - to - be is in hot water on social media after trying to guilt her Maid of Honor into doing this.

Reddit user AngryMOH1 vented about her best friend on the site's 'Bridezillas' page. Angry is Maid of Honor to her best friend 'since kindergarten,' who has asked her to put off her breast enhancement surgery until after the wedding. The reason? The bride wants to be the 'hottest one' in the wedding party and is afraid AngryMOH1's new boobs would 'overshadow' her on her special day.

The bride is getting roasted in the comments, with most people asking AngryMOH1 why she's still friends with someone who doesn't want her to be happy. Many of the responses are NSFW and can be seen via the link above.

In my opinion, it sounds like this future bride is extremely insecure. AngryMOH1 says her friend avoided asking another friend they consider to be hot to serve as a bridesmaid and instead asked future sister - in - laws who she calls 'land whales.' Anyone who would be that shallow about another person's appearance should not be appeased in any way. I think AngryMOH1 needs to show up to the wedding in the most revealing dress she can find and celebrate herself.

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