The Coronavirus may not be the only health issue you need to be concerned about. Your belly button is a breeding cave for all sorts of stuff. Scientists swabbed human belly buttons, what they found is stunning.

A North Carolina group who refer to themselves as the Belly Button Biodiversity project swabbed 60 belly buttons. Judging by their findings, most human belly buttons are disgusting.

The group found a total of 2,368 species of bacteria. That hotel remote, door handle and toilet have nothing on what's inside your belly button. Over 1,450 species were NOT KNOWN TO SCIENCE.

National Geographic reported that one person's belly button, "harbored a bacterium that had previously been found only in soil from Japan" and that participant had never been to Japan. Another person had bacteria found only at the Arctic ice caps which are sheets of ice found near the North and South poles.

The research found that people haven't been shown how to clean their belly buttons properly. Mom always said to wash behind your ears. She should have warned us about the consequences of not cleaning our belly buttons too.

The belly button should be cleaned with soap and water just as you clean the rest of your body. Using your finger, gently insert a soapy cloth into the belly button and move in a circular motion being careful not to use too much pressure. Never use alcohol or products that contain alcohol to clean the belly button. A healthy belly button maintains a delicate pH balance, alcohol, witch hazel or products of this type may disturb that balance.

[Via: The Atlantic]

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