I just got back from a week on the beach and now I feel like I am a "beach expert" or could be a beach cop.

All joking aside, I made several observations while on the soft sand of Florida and one observation that seems to stick out amongst all is what some people do when it comes to setting up "camp".

Many who want the perfect view or spot on the beach often wake up at daylight to claim their spot, while others simply just walk up at any time of the day and set up camp for the day.

While I don't have any issue with someone showing up later in the day to enjoy the beach, I do see a problem with impeding someone's view who has been out there.

The rudest thing that I saw some do while on the beach was simply set up chairs and an umbrella/tent in front of others who were there first.


Sure, there is limited space on the beach, but when there's plenty of room behind those who have been there, you should not just set up in front of them and take away the view that they woke up so early for.

No, this did not happen to me, but I saw many who were disappointed in others who did just set up in front of them while on the beach.


So, my reminder in all of this is simple, be courteous and respect those who have already set up on the beach.

If you MUST set up in front of someone, perhaps you should ask if they're fine with it and respect their wishes.

Other than that, don't forget your sunscreen, and be sure to enjoy at least one early morning on the beach, you'll thank me later.


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