I really don't know how to start with this one, but here goes: Parents, please expose your children to the world and don't keep them in a bubble.

There, that should do it, right? #wishfulthinking #education

The woman in this video, I believe, has lived a sheltered life. What is my evidence? Well, to start, she thinks that people who aren't "white" will not be able to care for her child properly. Secondly, she has no idea that expressing those feelings are taboo and C) she thinks people are attacking her because of her skin color, not realizing that they are attacking her because she was attacking others because of THEIR skin color!

It appears to me that if this woman were to sit in a room with the medical professionals she is berating, she would be so closed-minded that she would not even consider trying to learn about them or their qualifications.

Moms, dads, take your children out of your town. Take them out of your parish/county. Take them out of your state. Take them out of your country. The exposure to other lives and worlds will do a great bit of good for their future.

What's that? You can't afford to travel? Yes, you can. The local library is free.

Take time to teach your kids that we're not all the same while, at the same time, we are all the same. We don't all look the same; we aren't all built the same; we don't all have the same cultures, habits, lifestyles. We are all the same in the sense that we all want the same things in life, basically: we want to be able to raise our kids in a violence-free world; we all want to be able to love; we all want to have enough food, water, shelter, freedoms and opportunities to live comfortably.

Something tells me that this woman will deny her son the opportunity to learn about other races and cultures, just as it appears she was denied the same opportunity. And her parents were probably sheltered, as well. Their parents? Probably so.

How do we break this cycle? It starts with us. Children aren't born knowing how to hate, they learn it from us. We have to show them other cultures and teach them that, while not ALL people are good, there are no races or cultures that are ALL bad.

The woman in this video epitomizes what is wrong with this world.

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