I’m so grateful God put funny people on this earth.  I’m also grateful I came across this gem posted by Amy Daughters.  We’re all eating while stuck in the house and we can’t go to the gym due to the coronavirus. With everyone desperately trying to stay in shape and get their workouts in at home, personal trainers are posting their workout videos online. Daughters posted her humorous personal workout plan to help motivate everyone and give them a few laughs too. And Heaven knows we all need to laugh, especially right now. Daughters said that while she may have done something like this during “normal” times, she did it now because of the overwhelming amount of information on social media that is scary and unsettling. She hoped it would be a diversion. And as a bonus, she said she amused herself and horrified her husband. I didn't realize that this woman's hilarious workout video would end up unveiling so much more until I dug a little deeper.

Amy Weinland Daughters, Facebook
Amy Weinland Daughters, Facebook

This lady isn’t just full of laughs but she is also full of faith and love. My friend, Dana Rivera, introduced me to Amy through Facebook. When I reached out to Dana to ask her about the video, she filled me in on just how inspiring this woman is. I quickly realized not only does this woman have a great sense of humor but she also has a beautiful heart. Rivera said the story of their friendship is truly amazing. They met 30 years ago at a camp and then never heard from each other. Years later, Rivera’s son, Parker, was battling cancer and Amy found Dana on Facebook. She sent the Rivera family a card while Parker was being treated at St. Jude, and the next week she sent another card. And the next week, another. And now, Rivera says that her dear friend sends her 10-page letters every single week. Daughters enlisted a prayer team 5 years ago which she calls “Team Constant” to pray for the Rivera family.

Amy is hilarious, creative, compassionate and loyal. She is a history buff who has an incredible memory. She makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room when she is talking to you. -Dana Rivera

Amy Daughters is a writer and after reaching out by writing Dana through Facebook and seeing how it impacted their relationship, she was inspired to write every one of her Facebook friends a real letter. She is writing a book about that called “Dear Dana: That time I went crazy and wrote a letter to all 581 of my Facebook friends.”  Her first book, 'You Cannot Mess This Up: A Story That Never Happened', is up for an award.


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