A 20-year-old woman from Washington is in a coma after jumping into a 200 degree Fahrenheit hot spring at Yellowstone National Park to save her dog.

Laiha Slayton jumped into a boiling spring in Yellowstone National Park to save her dog that had run away. According to officials, the woman's father pulled her out of the spring. She suffered significant thermal burns from "her shoulders to feet". Officials also reported the dog died from its injuries.

Slayton's sister Kamilla has set up a GoFundMe.

Hey my name is kami and I’m trying to help my sister who had a horrific accident. She and dad were visiting the Yellow Stone Geysers and her puppy got away.  He got burnt by hot water, freaked out and ended up running into a geyser. Laiha jumped in the 190F geyser to save her puppy, and while my dad was pulling her out he burnt his foot. The vet bill, my sister, dads medical expenses are something that my family can’t afford right now. Not only that, but my parents have to stay out of state for a few weeks to a month depending on her recovery. They will need help with food and lodging, and cremation services for her puppy. She had to be life flighted to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. My sisters palms are completely gone and will have to go into surgery and possibly for the rest of her body too. She is in a medically induced coma for 2 weeks, had emergency surgery, and has 3rd degree burns on about 90% of her body. She will be under for 2-3 weeks and probably be in the hospital for a few months. I will keep updates on my Instagram @kamijoslayton  as I get info, if you are interested in following with her recovery. Anything helps, especially preyer, and sharing this. please please please help my family and prey for us❤️ -Kamilla Slayton

The Slayton family says most of Laiha's body has second-degree burns however, some areas have third-degree burns. She was in scalding water for approximately 8 seconds.

The Slayton's credit Laiha's dad for saving her life. She will likely be in the hospital for months. The family appreciates your donations and prayers.

WE JUST HIT THE HALF WAY MARK! thank you everyone who has donated, shared, prayed WE SEE YOU AND WE LOVE YOU. We really couldn’t have done this without all of your support. More then grateful for each and Every single one of you. #laihastrong -Kamilla Slayton

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