I love sharing good stories about the protest and all the craziness going on in this world. I mean, the more good news stories we have, the better, right? When I came across this one it warmed my heart so much. This is about two human beings having a very nice conversation. John Rinn shared it on social media and I wanted to share it with you too.

John Rinn of Massachusetts said he was sitting in his cruiser typing a report when a woman walked up to him and asked if she could talk to him. Rinn got out of his cruiser and spoke with her. He said the very first thing she told him was that his life mattered to her. Think about that for a second. Can you imagine with everything going on in the world right now, this woman just walks up to him to tell him that his life mattered to her. That gives me goosebumps. Rinn said she proceeded to tell him that she doesn’t see him as a white cop, she sees him as a human and that we are all human and all the same. Wow. Simple words that are so very powerful. Rinn said she asked him if she could give him a hug and he accepted. I bet that was a beautiful sight and I can’t imagine the emotions running through both of them at that moment.

After talking to each other for about 20 minutes about all of the protests and rioting going on right now in the world, they connected in such a beautiful way. Rinn said he told her that her life mattered too and he reciprocated all of the same feelings. This is the unity we need.

Rinn posted a picture on his Facebook page with his new friend and he was holding a small bible. In his post, he says that before she left, she gave him the small bible and told him that she will be praying for him.

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