In a story first reported by KATC-TV3, a group of local people gathered on the streets of Lafayette to protest human trafficking.

As part of the report, KATC shared some numbers from the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services in regards to human trafficking in the state:

2019: 58.6% of the victims were juveniles

106 were under 12 and under in 2019   - KATC


Members of the group were protesting near the intersection of Congress Street and Bertrand Drive, carrying signs and waving at passers-by.

KATC's Eman Boyd interviewed some of the protesters, asking them to share why they were out on the streets.

"We just really want to make a difference because we have children ourselves..." is what one protester had to say. The video shows several children in attendance at the protest.

Carrying signs with slogans like "X IT'S REAL, X IT'S HERE" and "CABINETS ARE NOT JUST $12K", both hashtagged with #endhmantrafficking, the protesters hooted and hollered each time someone pressed their horn button.

You can do your part to put an end to human trafficking by contacting your local authorities if you have information about victims or perpetrators or if you see any suspicious activity.


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