When you lose a pet, you typically look around your neighborhood, or the last place it was seen. But Ruth Torres didn’t even have to leave her living room to find her beloved Irish Wolfhound — who she hadn’t even realized was lost in the first place.

What happened was Torres had lent her pup, Dusty, to her brother, who then abandoned the dog in a park. Because Rusty didn’t have proper tags, he was taken to an animal shelter.  Not long after that, the pooch was  featured on a ‘Today’ segment about dogs that need new homes.

Torres typically doesn’t watch morning TV because she works late. But something compelled her to do so on Friday, and imagine her shock when she saw Dusty — who she thought was with her brother — being paraded about ‘Today.’

“It was a miracle … it’s no coincidence’, Torres gushed.

Check out the emotional reunion between dog and owner below.

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