Officials with the State Fire Marshal's Office says they are working to determine the exact thing that sparked a blaze that killed a 53-year-old Covington woman Tuesday.

The woman was found deceased in the living room of her home, and officials with the State Fire Marshal's Office say, via press release, that they are not ruling out the possibility that this deadly fire was caused by an electrical situation. There is speculation that extension cords, one connected to others, might be the reason this blaze started. Investigators with the SFM did find that there were multiple areas in the home where they found extension cords plug into one another in order to get power access to different parts of the home.

Fire fighters from St. Tammany Fire District were called out to deal with the blaze at around 9:15 Tuesday morning. The home is located in the 19000 block of Wymer Road in the town of Covington. Officials have not yet released the identity of the 53-year-old female victim.

State Fire Marshal Office Spokeswoman Ashley Rodrigue says that State Fire Marshal Butch Browning wants everyone to remember that it is not a good idea to use extension cords when trying to get power to a major appliance. Another thing the Marshal says citizens needed to be reminded about when it comes to safety is to never overload an extension cord. He adds it's also never a good idea to plug one extension cord into another because it can lead to deadly consequences.

The St. Tammany Parish Coroner's Office is tasked with determining the woman's exact cause of death, and once the autopsy is completed, the information will be released to the media.




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