The State Fire Marshal's Office announced today that a Franklin man has been arrested after accusations that he set his girlfriend and his nephew on fire. The 5-year-old little boy died after being taken to the hospital for treatment of terrible burns. Authorities say that the man's girlfriend is still in critical condition after she too suffered terrible burns.

Law enforcement agents with the State Fire Marshal's Office say they arrested 49-year-old Derwin Hamiltion of Frankling for murder in the death of his nephew and Attempted Murder in connection with the burning of his girlfriend. The girlfriend was able to talk to law enforcement about what Hamilton did to them. She told authorities that the two of them were fighting about ending the relationship. The woman told authorities, "Hamilton poured a liquid on her and the child, who is Hamiltion's great-nephew, and then set them on fire.

Centerville Fatal Fire Scene
Photo courtesy of State Fire Marshal's Office

Authorities say Hamilton had slight injuries from the fire. This nightmare all unfolded at around 8 o'clock Tuesday evening in the 400 block of Prairie Road North in Centerville which is located near Franklin.

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office will issue the official cause of death once they have conducted their autopsy.

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