Have you ever wanted to know more about wine but were too intimidated to ask questions? Well, Wineaux 2019, coming November 15th, is for you!

Have you ever wanted to try a wine but not have to buy the whole bottle out of fear you won't like it and the rest would go to waste? Well, Wineaux 2019 is for you!

Do you like to gather with your friends and sip/sample wine(s)? Do you like to shop? Do you like to nibble on delicious-tasting foods that go great with wine? Do you like to dance? Well, (say it with me): Wineaux 2019 is for you!

bottle and glass with red wine

Wineaux 2019 is coming to Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville on November 15, giving you the opportunity to eat, dance, shop, mingle, and, best of all, become familiar with several varieties and brands of wines.

Wine experts (wholesale and retail) will be on hand to answer questions about their offerings and wine in general, and no questions about wine are off-limits. Want to ask about which color wine goes with which food? Ask away! Want to ask about which region makes which wine? Ask away! Want to ask why some wines leave you with more headaches than others? Ask away!

Do you know why, when drinking wine at a reputable establishment, they never fill your glass with wine? Well, head to Wineaux 2019 and questions like that will be answered. (Spoiler alert: it's so you can more fully enjoy the complete wine experience.)

Close-up of four people's hands toasting with wine glasses

The team at Wineaux will once again be working with the best wine distributors to bring you a delicious, diversified wine selection. These are very wine-savvy folks who know that the best wine is the wine you like! The 2 most important things to remember about wine is that 1) everyone has their own taste palate (to each his/her own, so-to-speak), and 2) tastes change: as you mature, so will your wine palate. Your favorite type/variety/brand of wine last year might not be your favorite this year. Again, these wine experts are down-to-earth Wineauxs just like you, and want to spread their wine enthusiasm with the world. Come, enjoy, and soak up the Winethusiasm! (Wait, I just made up a word!! SCORE!!!!)

And what's wine without a snack? The folks are Wineaux aren't just going to plop down your regular festival fare; they are working on a carefully curated wine pairing menu just for you. Scrumptious delights in just the right Tapas taster-size to satisfy between sips.

Pop-up shops will be set up along the perimeter of the event, offering you an early-bird's opportunity to get your holiday shopping done. From home decor to apparel to local artisan's creations, shop till you drop!

Wineaux 2019 will be loads of fun for you and your friends, but it is an adults-only event, so plan for a babysitter and enjoy your night out!

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