Many believe the Mayan calendar indicates the end of the world on December 21st, 2012.  Others think that notion is folly.   An expert in Chicago says the belief that the world will end December 21st is based on a misunderstanding of the calendar. Gary Feinman is curator of Mesoamerican anthropology with Chicago’s Field Museum. He says tomorrow will mark the end of a 1,872,000-day cycle for the Mayan calendar. He adds there’s no reason to expect the world to come to an end.

“There’s really no basis for thinking we have to be worried about what will happen. There’s no Maya prophesy of doom. There’s no idea the world will come to an end that we can find in studies of the Maya.” -Gary Feinman

Feinman adds  the ancient Mayans wrote down dates for events taking place after the calendar rolls over December 21st.

Since the world's not ending, I guess I'll go see Chubby Carrier at Grant Street!

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