I guess we should clear up what Delcambre Reeboks are before we get too deep into this. The footwear in question is the iconic white boots that many of Louisiana's shrimpers and fishermen wear.

In other parts of the state, they are known as Cajun Reeboks, Cocodrie Converse, Swamp Nikes, and other wrong names. Yes, we are partial to our own part of the state.

But, why are these boots white?

The answers really do vary depending on who you ask. It has nothing to do with Labor Day or any of those other nonsensical fashion rules that are in place to make women buy more clothes.

There are many who suggest the white color is cooler in the warm weather months. Around here that's known as those two weeks in January when you might need a jacket.

Another reason given is the white boots don't leave scuff marks on the boat deck. After all, a shrimp boat deck must be pristinely clean at all time. Except when people are working on the boat or the boat is in the dock or if the boat is above water. We keep the boat clean enough okay? You're not our mother so be quiet.

Another fact is that unless your name is Biff or Navin or Geoff, pronounced "goff" like golf without the "L" you're going to wear boat shoes. Here in South Louisiana we like to keep our man card intact and leave the fancy boat shoes for you plaid short wearing pretty boys. If I offended you just go have a latte and have a seat on the shut up stool.

The white boots also have a wider mouth than their darker cousins. The shaft that the foot goes into at the top of the boot is also a little shorter.That makes slipping them on and off and tucking pants legs into them a lot easier.

By the way, that's a safety feature of the boots. Should one find oneself on the outside of the boat, aka the water. The ability to kick off those boots and swim to safety is a very nice feature.

Speaking of safety white boots are easier to spot on the open ocean or bodies of water. Also if you hunt at night being able to distinguish where your foot ends is paramount to keeping all of your toes out of the blast area of the gun.

However, besides being cooler the one response we got more than most is the white boots just look darn good. They are a true fashion statement. That's why you see "wanna be types" wearing them at  outdoor events and shopping malls. Fashionable, functional, and a solid safety requirement. That's why your Delcambre Reeboks are white.


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