Hugh Jackman's last turn as Wolverine tears into theaters this weekend.

The Story 

Logan is a superhero movie that feels more like a Western than anything we usually see starring Iron Man and the Avengers. It's a bleak story, set in the year 2029. Logan and Professor Xavier's glory days with the X - Men are far behind them. Both men are just trying to survive when a mysterious child comes into the picture. Hugh Jackman says this is has last time playing Wolverine, and if that's true, this is the story to go out with.

The R - Rating

Wolverine quickly became popular with kids when the first X - Men movie was released way back in 2000. He was on toys, lunchboxes, and bed sheets, but comic book fans knew the real Wolverine was still only found in the comics. That real Wolverine struggles with his rage and fury and is extremely violent. When his claws come out, blood spills and people die. Logan is the first Wolverine movie to finally show Wolverine as he's always meant to be. There are extremely bloody and even gory moments in this movie and definitely not for kids.

Dafne Keen: X - 23

X - 23 is the child Wolverine finds himself protecting even though he'd rather not get involved. Comic book fans know how she's like Wolverine and what their connection is. I want spoil that, but I will say that Dafne Keen does a tremendous job at playing X - 23 and that she's extremely violent and dangerous herself.

X - 24

X - 24 is a surprise character that I won't spoil for you here. His first appearance is a shocker and main point in the plot. His fights with Wolverine are some of the most violent and exciting parts of the movie.

Patrick Stewart: Charles Xavier 

Patrick Stewart has long been a favorite actor of mine, especially as Captain Picard in Star Trek The Next Generation. I was thrilled when he took the role of Professor Charles Xavier almost twenty years ago, and he's never once disappointed. He gets so much more to do in this movie and gives one of the best performances of his career.

Hugh Jackman: Logan/Wolverine

Last but certainly not least, we have the man himself. Some comic fans have issues with Jackman as Wolverine, like he's too tall (Wolverine is 5 foot 3 in the comics) or he's too good - looking to play the character. As a guy who had read hundreds of Wolverine comics years before Jackman took the role, I think he's done an excellent job at bringing Logan to life. Had he been allowed to fully play the character as he does in Logan, no one would have any complaints. Jackman gives his absolute best performance as Wolverine in Logan. He nails the tortured and angry side of the character with a new weariness we've never seen before. If this really is Jackman's last time to play Wolverine, he's going out with the best performance of his career.


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