Any boy becoming a teenager and going through the transition of becoming a young man needs their father not just for love and support, but also to learn all of those manly things like changing a tire and using tools. Rob Kenney’s father abandoned him and his family in his teenage years so he learned his handyman skills on his own and from his brother.  With that said, Rob Kenney found a very positive way to spend his time during the quarantine. He created a YouTube channel by the name of ‘Dad, how do I?’ This channel was an outlet for him to post videos to do exactly what the name suggests. He shares videos on all the things a father would normally teach his son. You'll find videos on things like shaving, tying a tie, fixing a toilet, and anything else dads normally teach their sons. Once he started the YouTube channel, it got a lot of attention from people online and he quickly got over a million subscribers. He currently has over 2 million subscribers and it continues to grow daily.

According to MSN, Kenny has a great relationship with his own two children, Kristine, 27, and Kyle, 25. Since Kenny,55, knows what it’s like not to have a dad to turn to, he decided to create the channel to help young adults who don’t have the privilege of calling up their own dads or father figures to ask them simple questions. Kenny, a Washington native, had the idea a couple of years ago and his daughter encouraged him to get it going.

Dad, How Do I? Facebook
Dad, How Do I? Facebook

This is such a great idea and I’m sure it has helped and will continue to help teens and young men who don’t have a father-figure in their lives. Their fathers may have died, or they may not have a relationship with each other. I think it can even help in situations for families where the father works away from home. The response to his videos was so great that it can’t help but make you think about how many young men there are without a father. According to MSN, Kenny said he knew like 30 to 40 people who would find it useful but he had no idea it would blow up as it did. There is also a Facebook page that you can follow.

Kenney is an account manager and he is still working full-time but said he isn’t opposed to making ‘Dad, How Do I?’ his career in the future. Kenney said he hopes to add to the ‘how-to’ videos and incorporate some advice and wisdom. He says there is so much more to being a dad than fixing things. He does a new how-to video every Thursday and a tool-focused video every Tuesday, which he calls, ‘Tool Tuesday’.

This ‘Internet Dad' deserves mad props. What a beautiful gift he gives to those in need.



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