Before the pumpkin spice could be put away for another year, some started to decorate for Christmas.

Sure, I believe social media plays a huge role in people deciding to decorate early for the holidays, but there is a science behind their decision.

In recent days we've all seen those who've put their tree up in their house and some who may have already started the process in their front yard. And while some may love it, others have been very critical of decorating for Christmas prior to Thanksgiving.

So, why are people here decorating earlier than usual for the holidays? Well, it turns out that those who are decorating early for Christmas are happier and more friendly than others.


Yes, research has found that those who put out the tree and lights early for the holiday season tend to be more social and are just happier than those who do not start the holiday season a few weeks earlier.

In a study, Psychologists say Christmas decorations are nostalgic and they can bring you and me back to simpler and happier times. It has also been found that the Christmas lights and decor play a role in the boosting of dopamine in the body.

Look, if you see anyone in your neighborhood with the lights out and the tree up, don't be the scrouge and chastise them, let them enjoy the holiday season and move on.

As busy as we all are these days, would you agree that the holidays are a flash now? It's like you prepare for them for weeks, and then all of a sudden they're gone. So, start early and enjoy the warmth Christmas brings to yourself or to your loved ones.

Now, let me grab the Christmas decor that is tucked away in the attic and begin this process. After all, who doesn't love the twinkle in the lights?



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