Alvin Kamara is a special talent, not only in his physical ability but also his football IQ which is incredibly high and sometimes things can become boring for someone who understands things so easily.

So, what does Sean Payton do in order to help his star running back out? He buys him a fidget spinner. Why a fidget spinner you may be wondering? Well, a fidget spinner was made specifically to help younger children with anxiety or ADHD concentrate during class.

“When we drafted him, it starts with he has real, real, exceptionally high football IQ, so he can get bored with it." Said Payton. "That is why we give him one of those little fidget things you twist when you can’t pay attention. So he gets one of those fidget spinners.”

Payton went on to compliment his exceptional skill set, “He’s got the ability to return punts, return kicks. His flexibility in the passing game and in the running game allows you, I’d say moreso your game week preparation relative to the team you are playing (than creating new plays in the offseason),”

The extreme athletism, as well as the high football IQ, is a deadly combination for Kamara's football career and now he's armed with a fidget spinner, look out NFL.


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