I believe it was baseball great Satchel Paige that said "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? That's a great question. Especially when  you're a person that is constantly being told to act his age.

I am officially 54  years old according to the government. In my mind I feel as if I am about 14. I have been told I am slightly immature. I am not the only one that says they feel younger than the calendar says they are.

How old do you feel you are?

If you're an average American to find that age simply subtract 13 from  your current age and that's how old most of us say we really feel. The survey that this information come from was actually conducted on people considered to middle aged.

I think the fact that we take better care of our health, we are more active, and we live in Louisiana are some of the many reasons we feel a lot younger than we actually are. There is simply no way you can feel old when you're dancing to a Zydeco beat or walking through our wonderful woods on a crisp fall morning.

How old do you feel? What makes you feel young? What makes you feel old? On the feeling old front I feel my oldest my first steps out of the bed. It must all the noise of the creaking and cracking my body makes. It's a good thing my immature mind is more than willing to blame those noises on the dog.

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