Leo "The Bull" Thomas, an acclaimed Zydeco drummer and vocalist, died yesterday. He was 84.

According to KATC, Thomas died at his home.

For years, he fronted his own band, Leo Thomas and His Louisiana Zydeco Band.

Thomas notably sang lead for his band while playing drums, a feat that virtually no other Zydeco band can lay claim to.

Leo is the father of Leroy Thomas, a Zydeco accordion player who fronts his own band called the Zydeco Road Runners, and Lee Andrus Thomas, a Zydeco drummer. The family is also related to Zydeco great, Geno Delafose.

Leo Thomas' signature song is "Why You Wanna Make Me Cry," which is a standard these days for most Zydeco bands.

Services will be held this Saturday, April 17 at St. Paul's Church in Elton, Thomas' hometown. Viewing will be from 8:30 am until 11:00 am Mass.

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