July is the deadliest month at hospitals.  So what makes going to the hospital in July a bigger risk?  Why do more people die in hospitals during the month of July?

Over 16,000 med school graduates are awarded M.D. degrees every year.  New research suggests that because so many grads become residents at hospitals across the country at this time of year, there is an influx of newbies in hospitals.  And since hospitals have to make room for the new graduates, residents from the year before, have to take on new positions and duties.

That means all of these people are all new at their jobs.  That's why medication errors increase by 10 percent in July.

Experts reviewed over 240,000 death certificates of people who died while in the hospital due to complications from medication errors between 1979 and 2006.  Mortality rates spiked every year...in July.


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