Most grandparents consider the grandkids even more special than their own kids.  Why?

Ask any grandparent about their grandchildren and most will tell you they mean more to them than their own children.  Having 2 children, but no grandchildren, I can't see how that's possible.  Like most parents, I'd take a bullet for my children.  How could I love anything on this earth more?

People say sometimes it's guilt and sometimes because they don't have to deal with discipline nor the consequences.  It's a way to make corrections for all of the things that they did wrong their own kids. It's like a second chance.

It might be because by the time your become a grandparent, you have more patience, you've been there, done that, and you are not the one that is totally responsible for their outcome in life.  And grandparents can spoil grandchildren without feeling guilty.

Even though most grandparents do treat the grandkids better, obviously not all do.  One grandparent commented, "We just have more time and patience, now that we don't have to run after them day and night. And at the end of the day, they go home with mom and dad. It's a joy to us, and everything they do, we think is so cute. And maybe , we're a little wiser now than we used to be."

I guess I'll have to wait and see, but I'm in no rush!