What do Cajun Kids Call Their Grandparents?
I did a poll on facebook asking friends and followers what their children called the parents' parents. It was such an interesting thread I decided to share it here.
I only knew one set of grandparents growing up, and we called them 'Grandma and Grandpa...
CJ's Daily Message: Children VS Grandchildren
I love my children big like the sky. But my friends with grandchildren say, just wait. They say to me, if you think you love Blake and Brittni, just wait till they have children. I usually say to them, there is no way for me to love anything or anyone, more. I feel like I would love grandchildre…
Children VS Grandchildren
Happy Mother's Day Acadiana!  I thought I'd re-post this in honor of Mother's Day 2012.  I have been told many times that children are special, but grand children or even more special.