Really? "Blood Wolf Moon"? WTH?

Who comes up with these names?

Well, with a little research, it appears that some people traced it back to our Native American ancestors and their worship of all things natural.

The "Wolf" part of the name came about because January was the month of the Wolf (or Cold) Moon, according to some tribes in the northern part of the country.

The "Blood" portion of the name comes from the color. Scientists now know that when the Sun, Earth and Moon all line up, as they did last night, the only light getting to the Moon is the "glow" of the Sun that is able to make it around the Earth. The color of the moon during this event depends upon the amount of dust and particles in our atmosphere (the same reason some of our sunsets are colored differently: dust and other particles in the air). The more particles in our atmosphere, the darker the Moon will be during the event.

Anyhoot, have a picture I took. All I have is an iPhone, and it takes crappy pictures of the Moon, so don't be mad at me because this is my only souvenir from the lunar event last night.

Blood Wold Moon Townsquare Photo by John Falcon
Blood Wolf Moon Townsquare Photo by John Falcon

Can you imagine if our ancestors had more of a fascination with rodents and bodily fluids? It could have been the "Bile Green Mouse Moon" we had witnessed last night!


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