My boss just barged into the studio with a very disconcerted look upon his mug (which usually ISN'T a good sign), and he says "Can you find out who is calling me from (510) 215-5112 ??"

Being ever inquisitive, and wanting to 'stir the pot' a little, I asked "did they offend you"?  He was starting to get red under the collar (also NOT a good sign).  "They're telling me that there is a problem with my credit card, but I have a feeling its a scam!  Find out who they are!"

Picture of switchboard operators

What, have I become the Sherlock Holmes of the phone world?  (I didn't say this in front of the boss.  I said "Sure thing, boss!")

So, here is what I gathered from a quick search of the internet:

From 800notes dot com, MRR says:

I have received numerous calls from this number.  They are offering to reduce my credit card fees.  They say to press 3 if you don't want to receive any more calls.  I have pressed 3 numerous times.  Today I pressed 1 to talk with a representative.  I told him that pressing 3 had not gotten me off their list, and wanted to know how to make sure I received no more calls.  He hung up on me.  I then tried twice to call the number, and got the "no longer in service" message.  What a scam!

AL from GA posted this :

This is a credit card scammer looking for your credit card number so that it can be used for fraudulent purchases.  Don't bother lifting the receiver when such calls come in.  They call from too many different numbers from all over the country for my call blocking to be effective.

If you recall, back in October I posted a story about the calls I was getting from (202) 480-5620 .  Pretty much the same thing:  a scammer, trying to get personal information.

If you are getting calls from (510) 215-5112 or from (202) 480-5620 , you can file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission online, AND with the Federal Trade Commission online.

And if you are the one trying to pull this scam on us, shame on you.  Shame, shame, shame.


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