Remember a few months ago when we warned you about a possible identity theft phone scam that originated with a phone call from this number,(202) 480-5280? Well it looks like the bad guys are back and they have a new number they are using to get your information. That number is (312) 765-7460.

The call originates out of the great Chicago Illinois area but it is connect to bad people who are after a lot more than your opinion on the nations economy.

The economy is the reason they say they are calling and in exchange for your time they are offering a free cruise. In reality your personal information is what they are after and the only guarantee you'll get is your life will be made a living hell by some identity thief.If you are fortunate enough not to have your personal security violated then your telephone number and information will then be sold to other marketing companies.

Remember you need to register your number, wireless phones too, with the National Do Not Call Registry if you do not want to be bothered by telemarketing calls. For some reason it's still okay for every politician who is running for anything to call you with out fear of repercussion but at least you won't have the pre-arranged funeral people and the siding and window people bothering you at dinner.

The bottom line is this bit of advice. If you don't know the number, don't answer the call, that is why you have voice mail right? If it's important enough they will leave you a message and you can get back to them after you have checked out their story.


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