It's Election time. Many have brought up the question, “Who did you vote for?” and how people cringe when asked. With strong feelings on both sides, most of the time it is just best to keep your opinion to yourself. Although you may have good intentions when you ask certain questions, there are some questions that experts say you just shouldn’t ask.


You may come across as rude if you ask questions that are too personal. The most popular forbidden question to ask is “Are you pregnant?” and for obvious reasons. Maybe the person you’re asking is NOT pregnant and just gained a few pounds.

According to Reader's Digest, here are some other questions that you should probably never ask people. These are just some of many.

How are you still single?

Why don’t you have kids yet?

Why don’t you ever come out with us anymore?

How old are you?

How much do you make?

How did they die?

Why aren't you engaged yet?

And of course, "WHO DID YOU VOTE FOR?",  the one that brought us to this conversation in the first place.

Stay away from these touchy and risky questions to avoid a lot of uncomfortable social awkwardness. Just stick with questions like "What is your favorite book?" and "Did you like the restaurant?" to be safe.

If you're wondering how to know which question is a safe one, Sarah Epstein, a relationship therapist in Philadelphia, says a good rule of thumb is that polite people always think about the impact of their words instead of only thinking about the information they want to learn.

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