New Orleans is known for its distinctive music, amazing cuisine, and celebrations that are second to none.

While Mardi Gras, beignets, and second-line bounce beats will forever be undefeated, New Orleans has its fair share of problems just like any other city in America—two of which have been major issues as far back as I can remember.

My first taste of violent crime in NOLA came by way of Master P; years before I would ever visit the city as a wide-eyed barely legal teenager on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras.

The murder capital of the world, Where n***** don't give a f*** about you, your boy, or your girl

Those were words from the horse's mouth; as Master P used the line to describe where he was from—"a little town called New Orleans"—on the southern anthem "Break Em' Off Something" featuring Pimp C and Bun B on his 1996 breakthrough solo album "Ice Cream Man."

Unlike the cautionary tales I absorbed from the exorbitant amount of No Limit and Cash Money albums I possessed, I wouldn't get my first taste of the terrible street conditions in New Orleans until I navigated my '91 Toyota Corolla to the Big Easy during my inaugural visit.

In the 20+ years that I have worked, formed relationships, and fallen in love with the city, those two issues have consistently held their positions among the major problems that have plagued New Orleans and its residents.

This is why I had no words to describe a recent incident where suspected carjackers were stopped in the most New Orleans way ever.

An Instagram story from artist Nesby Phips showed a scene where a vehicle was surrounded by authorities after allegedly being stolen by the dumbest criminals in New Orleans.

Instagram, Nesby Phips
Instagram, Nesby Phips

According to Phips' IG story, the "stupid a** criminals" who stole this Mercedes SUV at gunpoint have reportedly been driving it around for the past week but were stopped abruptly on his street.

The suspected carjackers weren't stopped by the law enforcement officers you saw in the previous photo; their joyride came to an end when their attempted getaway was thwarted by a literal construction zone.

Instagram, Nesby Phips
Instagram, Nesby Phips

You can see the SUV caught up in the mess that is a common sight throughout the city—where local leadership can barely keep up with work orders, improvements, and road conditions that have literally inspired an Instagram account due to how extremely bad they are.

Is this the answer to the recent spike in brazen crime in New Orleans? Should Mayor Cantrell fight crime with... more construction? I wouldn't bet on it, but it almost feels like some type of trippy NOLA bounce remix to nature healing itself.

Either way, I think New Orleans' own JD Carrere may have said it best as this will definitely be hard to beat when it comes to the award for the most New Orleans story of the year.

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