Louisiana has some very beautiful places, but which one takes the (king) cake?

We live in a beautiful country, don't we? There are so many unique areas across this great nation that make for some beautiful, picturesque views. Louisiana is no different with so much of the great outdoors at our disposal. However, there is a southern charm about the towns that make up the Bayou State.

So if you had to choose your favorite, which town would it be?

Recently Daily Meal chose the Prettiest Town in Every State. For Louisiana, they went with the Crawfish Capital of the World. That's right, Breaux Bridge is the prettiest town in Louisiana.

Settled in the 1700s, Breaux Bridge is heralded for its Cajun culture that immediately draws you in. Daily Meal also noted the annual Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival. Of course, how can you deny a gorgeous summer sunset over the bayou? There's nothing like it!

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