A man dressed in just his shorts and socks was spotted floating down a bayou in Louisiana.

According to Brett Hebert, who took the photo, the man was asleep while floating down Bayou Lafourche.

Hebert said he noticed the man, who was floating in the waterway behind his shop, while he was asleep on the foam mattress.


He was able to wake the man up, but the man said that he didn't care that he was floating downstream.

According to Hebert's message he sent to us, the man went back to sleep.

We hope that he decided to wake up before he got too far, and this really does take "Escaping the Heat" here to a new level.

One more thing, Hebert says that the man is a local and is well-known in the community.

Here's a quick history lesson of the bayou where this man was seen "relaxing."


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