The dating app called Clover just used algorithms, somewhat like Facebook uses to decide how many people see your posts, to figure out which states had the ugliest people and which ones had the hottest people.  Louisiana's women didn't fare too well.

The study analyzed thousands of photos.  Yes you and/or your family may have participated without even knowing.  Turns out the most attractive women are in Connecticut, not California.  Montana is where the studs are, and they don't mean horses.

The top five states with the most attractive women are:  Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

The states with the least attractive women are:  Mississippi (1st place), followed by Oklahoma, Louisiana (3rd place), Arkansas and Alabama.

The good-looking men are in Montana, South Dakota, Utah, North Dakota and Missouri.  The not so attractive men are in Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland.

 [Via:  Clover] 

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