Have you ever wondered when is the best time or the best day of the week to pump gas in your vehicle?

I bring this up because I recall having this conversation in a chemistry class while in college and many of us in the class had no idea that there was actually a better time during the day and week to fuel up our vehicles.

For starters, Gasbuddy says that is better to pump gas in your vehicle at the beginning of the week, like on Monday morning.

If you watch the price of gas, some prices tick upward in the afternoon, so it's often a good idea to fill up in the morning while on your way to work or school.

Also, gas prices seem to increase as you get closer to the weekend because stations know that the demand for fuel is on the rise as folks plan to travel during the weekend. Again, that is from Gasbuddy.

But what about the best time of day to pump gas? That's where things got interesting in the chemistry class I was in.

I recall the professor explaining to us that the best time of the day to pump gas is at night or early in the morning when it's not so warm.

Upon further review, I learned that when gas is cooler it is less dense, thus you get more for your buck while at a gas station when temperatures are not as warm or as hot.

For a complete breakdown of the science behind this topic, visit Datagenetics. Here, you will get a thorough explanation about purchasing gasoline in volume and a better understanding of the principle of ratios.

I hope this small bit of information helps you save at the pumps as we approach much warmer days here in south Louisiana.


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