Have you ever pulled up to a gas pump only to be startled by the ads that broadcast via the screen at the pump?

If your answer is yes, then you may appreciate this hack.

Like so many of you, I too have nearly jumped out of my shoes when the ads first come on at a gas pump and I don't really have an issue with the ads themselves, but more with the volume of the broadcast.

Let's say it, the ads are too loud, and the message is often ignored because whoever is pumping the gas has to either cover up their ears or return to their vehicle to escape the loud message.

Well, there's a way to combat the volume of these ads at gas pumps and it comes in the form of a MUTE button. While this may not work on every gas pump, it is worth a try if you are startled by the overbearing ads while pumping gas.


If you want to mute the pump and the ads coming from it, all that you have to do is hit the second button to the right of the screen. This will mute the ads as you pump gas, and again this may not work on all pumps, but if you are annoyed by the volume, give it a try.

Here's one man showing you how to mute the ads at gas pumps.

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