The term "Corporate America" conjures a VERY negative in many people, myself included. Millions of us get frustrated, angry, & exasperated when dealing some of the largest companies in the US. It can be shoddy products, poor customer service, price gouging, unfair business practices, any or all of the above. Cable companies irk millions of customers. I have a particular disdain for pharmaceutical companies, and large banks. 24/7 Wall St. compiled a list of America's 10 most hated companies, based on dissatisfaction of customers and employees, along with other factors. The list, not surprisingly, includes 2 TV & internet providers, a wireless phone carrier, an airline & 2 banks. Two that surprised me were Facebook (#6), and McDonald's (#4). Mylan, the pharmaceutical company that jacked up prices on the Epipen, came in at #3. not a big surprise. Who was #1?? The cable & internet provider, Comcast. The company received the worst scores among telewire companies for reliability, cost to consumer, performance, and billing.

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