If you want to look busy at work we have the perfect trick for you.

No one wants to look lazy while on the clock, especially if you know that others may be monitoring you.

So, it is safe to say that we've all tried to "look busy" once or twice while at work, and one person on social media brought up a good point when it comes to looking busy while on the job.

Sure, you bury your head in papers or even pretend to look exhausted, but one simple move can make others in your workplace think you are very busy.

The social media influencer suggests that you walk fast while in the office.


By walking fast while around your colleagues or bosses, they will automatically assume that you have a lot to do and that you don't have time to waste. What they may not know is that you are just using a slick ploy to look busy, when you really aren't.

So, the next time you have very little to do while at work, walk around your office or business fast, with your head down. Not only will others think you're very busy, but your pace may even deter people from talking to you.

I want to note here that a study does suggest that people who walk faster than others are often a bit more intelligent than the rest. So, by walking fast in your workplace someone aware of this study may also think you're very intelligent too.

Now, let me think about those who I see here always walking fast through the station, and there are two or three people that I can think of right off the top of my head.

Perhaps they too know this secret tactic.


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Gallery Credit: Angela Underwood

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