Gregory Tai On Job Interview

Want The Job?  Watch What You Say.

When it comes to a job interview, some things are better left unsaid. Follow these expert tips to ace your interview and get the gig!  Your instinct may be to butter up your interviewer, but comments about his or her appearance or clothes are never ok.  It’s just too personal and could make them uncomfortable.  You might be nervous or feeling emotional, but save the waterworks… crying will make you look unstable.  Avoid a T.M.I. situation; no reason to talk about illnesses or health conditions unless it’s absolutely relevant.  Even if your old boss or former coworkers were jerks, don’t badmouth them at an interview, because it will only reflect poorly on you.  Instead, find ways to exhibit your people skills and ability to work with others.  Here’s a pro tip- when the interviewer asks you if you have questions, that’s your cue.  You should always have questions prepared; otherwise you’ll look like you’re not genuinely interested in the job or the company.  And sometimes a little white lie isn’t so bad- don’t announce to your interviewer that you got fired from your last job.  “It didn’t work out” or “it wasn’t the right fit” sound much better.  Now go get ‘em!

[Via:  Agility Executive Search/Fox Business]

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