The 4th of July Weekend is upon us!

With Independence Day falling on a Saturday and the holiday happening over the weekend this year, 2020 was supposed to provide the perfect setting to celebrate our freedom.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 had other plans, forcing some holiday celebrations to be canceled and others to be observed under strict guidelines. Some people will celebrate the holiday on their own with those guidelines in mind, while others will not. Some will choose to observe the holiday in a more restful state this year instead of choosing to go out among other people.

But, even as the debate ensues about how free we still are as a nation in these times, there is still so much to celebrate as we still reside in the greatest country to ever have been birthed!

In the grand scheme of Earth's existence, America has not really been a nation for that long - 244 years. But in that short time, our country has made a massive impact on the world and has proven to be a huge barrier against evil, while dealing with our own struggles.

So, what do you think of when you think of the Fourth of July holiday?

Check out my list BELOW and tell me yours!

What I Think Of When I Think Of The Fourth Of July Holiday

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