I posted the question "What do you dislike about Halloween" on my Facebook page last week, and some of the answers surprised me.

The first answer(s) that surprised me was that people actually like candy corn. As in: they eat it.  Willingly.  Ew.

Anyway, that's a conversation for a different post. This post deals with facets of Halloween that people dislike. In no particular order, here are some of the answers:

  1. Older kids trick-or-treating. It appears that the older kids (especially if they are not in costume) trigger homeowners to pull out their "Hey, you! Get off of my lawn!!!" persona.
  2. Clowns. (Some people REALLY hate clowns.)
  3. People being inconsiderate.  Allow me to quote: "Inconsiderate people coming into the neighborhood to trick or treat and parking in your yard and impeding traffic and emergency vehicles to your house. Also riding illegal vehicles, i.e., four-wheelers and golf carts on the streets with their kids not wearing proper safety gear. Get off your fat a** and walk like everyone else!"
  4. People who trick-or-treat outside of their own neighborhood.
  5. Traffic.
  6. Hillary Clinton costumes.
  7. Donald Trump costumes.
  8. Another quote with which, all being considered, I totally agree: "having to separate the gross non-chocolate based candy from the enormous pile".
  9. Parents not taking safety precautions with their children.
  10. Slutty costumes.
  11. When Halloween falls on a weeknight, and not on the weekend.
  12. Adults scaring the children.
  13. "Adults who use Halloween as an excuse to lose their minds when they go to a nightclub, bar, or Halloween party".
  14. Another quote, taken directly from the Facebook comment:  "Same as Mardi Gras, holy roly yo-yos walking around preaching about how we’re all going to hell for sinning and celebrating satin’s holiday".

So, there you go: many of the things associated with Halloween that my Facebook friends dislike!

What can you add to the list?


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